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Exclusive experiences in exquisite style and comfort.

Ciconia Exclusive Journeys are simply dedicated to creating lifelong travel memories through unforgettable authentic – but never artificial – experiences. Specialising in a select group of exotic destinations, Ciconia trips allow you to immerse in the local culture in premium comfort and style.

Our experienced and passionate team has fulfilled the travel dreams of more than a hundred thousand cultural adventurers with Travel Talk, our parent company. Ciconia Exclusive Journeys brings this expertise to the more experienced travellers looking for exquisite comfort on authentic discoveries.

Form real connections through unique Ciconia experiences and unparalleled insight. Journey with local Travel Directors throughout your trip, feeling the essence of each culture. Visit the most amazing sights and gems off the beaten path. Enjoy carefully crafted itineraries for your taste, and the delicate balance of sightseeing and personal leisure time. Build lasting friendship with like-minded travellers, spending quality time with small group travel. Stay in ideally located, comfortable, authentic and stylish hotels in comfort. Savour unforgettable culinary journeys and excellent dining.

To fulfil our responsibility as tour operators, Ciconia supports the development of local communities and economies through initiatives and charities. We practice sustainable travel and corporate responsibility in each location we visit, as well as our offices.

Go Beyond Your Expectations

We aim to exceed your expectations from a stylish and authentic travel experience. Striving to provide the most comfortable and enjoyable journey, we bring together all the essential elements on our premium adventures: stylish quality hotels at ideal locations, wondrous sights, well-paced and detailed tour plans, comfortable transport, expert local tour directors, and exquisite authentic dining. With a perfect blend of organized activities and personal time for discovery, delve into the local culture to create life-long memories. All that is left for you to do is relax and enjoy the ride…

Feel Local By Unique Experiences

Ciconia Exclusive Journeys explore what makes each culture special, providing a deeper connection with the places we go while sharing authentic experiences.
With Ciconia, savour various rare and unique experiences while travelling which are hidden to independent travellers, discovering the world from new perspectives. Each of our tours is carefully planned to include a set of culturally immersive experiences, delicious local cuisine, authentic accommodation as well as not-to-miss highlights. Savour moments of a lifetime through our amazing range of activities, real interactions, expert guidance and premium services.

Quality Time By Small Group Travel

To allow everyone a smooth and comfortable journey, our small groups leave extra room for more pleasure in your travel. With an average number of 24 guests, Ciconia travellers save more time and can form lasting friendships with each other. You’ll receive more attention and personalized service from your local guide, travel faster in comfort and peace, and have access to unique experiences unavailable to large groups.

Stay in Style in Charming Comfortable Hotels

Knowing that your accommodation may separate a great holiday than a perfect one, we take ultimate care in hand-picking each location we host you. Only the truly exceptional in terms of comfort, character, amenities, location and service are suitable to our standards. With a range of premium hotels and authentic accommodation (such as cosy cave-rooms of Cappadocia), each of our carefully-selected hotels provide comfortable and air-conditioned rooms, quality breakfasts, relaxing bars and lounges, and impeccable service by a professional and friendly team.

In-Depth Discoveries with Expert Local Travel Directors

The best way to really discover a culture is through people who live there. This is why we’ve always built our tours with local and expert travel directors hosting unparalleled knowledge and insights on a destination. Our expert Travel Directors will ensure a seamless and comfortable journey while opening new doors hidden to independent travellers. Most of our Travel Directors are also natives to the home culture. They will serve as your ultimate guide giving the best insightful advice to support unforgettable moments turn into your life-long memories. This shared passion brings us together, every step of the way.

5 Star Journeys – Travel In Ease

Whatever means of transport you take, every bit of your trip will be seamlessly organized and coordinated by our team for you to enjoy the comfort and convenience of Ciconia’s luxury.
Our coaches are among the most efficient and comfortable in Europe, Middle-East and Africa featuring air-conditioning, comfortable seats, panoramic windows, secure storage and a sound system. Expert coach drivers ensure you arrive to your destination safely, seamlessly and on time through the best and picturesque routes. With Ciconia, travel time is to sit back, relax and soak in marvellous sights.

Dine Exceptionally

Join us on delicious meals decorated with authentic tastes, dining will be an unforgettable part of your travel experience with Ciconia. Regardless of the region or culture, we ensure fresh ingredients, seasonal tastes, brilliant local wines and delicacies to captivate all your senses on our premium adventures. Join us on a delicious culinary experience and get a real taste of the local culture.

When travelling with us, not only breakfasts, also most dinners are included in your tour, leaving no worries about making dinner plans. For any other meals, our expert local guides will point you the hidden culinary gems and authentic fooderies.


We strive to provide an entirely at ease and relaxed journey. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your holiday, Ciconia has thought of everything else to make it an unforgettable experience. Our tours include accommodation, transportation, a professional English-speaking Tour Director, all breakfasts and most dinners, and a range of key activities and experiences.

The full list of services covered in each tour may be found online at the respective tour page. You can browse our tours via the Destinations or Deals section in the menu above.