Why Ciconia? - Ciconia Travel


Ciconia Exclusive Journeys are simply dedicated to creating lifelong travel memories through unforgettable authentic – but never artificial – experiences.
Specialising in a select group of exotic destinations, Ciconia trips allow you to immerse in the local culture in premium comfort and style.

While we aim to exceed your expectations from a stylish and authentic travel experience, we also aim to provide you with supreme value – in other words, the best price. Please find below a summary chart of Ciconia advantages. You can also read more about what makes us unique further down this page.

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  • Except for the welcome dinner on day 1 of your tour, all dinners covered.
  • Average Daily Price: “From” tour price per number of days in tour.

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More inclusions for a better price? How we manage that ?

Ciconia is a specialist tour operator, focusing all efforts on 6 marvellous destinations. This expertise brings unparalleled advantages not only in terms of price, but all aspects of service quality. Closely controlling all operations in these destinations allows us to completely familiarize with a country and its culture, and discover all the nuances to make your tour an absolutely unique experience. This insight is then reflected to our tours’ concept, quality and price for your enjoyment.
Who are truly the best guides? Which are the most characteristic and comfortable hotels? What are the easiest and smoothest means of transportation available? What incredible sights off-the-beaten-track cannot be missed? Where to delight in the local cuisine, as well as in quality and hygiene? How to use your personal leisure time wisely? We have all the answers thanks to this expertise. This is what sets Ciconia apart from the rest.

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