Top 10 experiences in the Middle East - Ciconia Travel

Warning: by reading this blog post you will have severe wanderlust to travel to the Middle East. From the remarkable pyramids in Egypt, to camping in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan or soaking up the sun on the beach in Israel, the Middle East has so many incredible things to discover and explore.

Checkout our top 10 experiences you must have when travelling the Middle East!

1. Get the ultimate insta pic in Petra

The city of Petra was carved into the rose-coloured rock face over 2000 years ago! Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, there is nothing like it in this world!

2. Dive into Dahab

Known for it’s abundance of sea life, dive or snorkel in the sea at the laid-back beach town of Dahab. Make sure to say hi to nemo for us!

3. Be fascinated by Jerusalem’s history

Israel’s history dates back over 5000 years, from the Bible to the Crusades to the Ottoman Empire. Make sure to stop in at Jerusalem to visit religious sites like the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, and Al-Aqsa Mosque and discover Israel’s interesting history and past.

4. Marvel at the Pyramids

One of the ancient wonders of the world, the Pyramid of Giza were built as royal tombs for pharaohs. It’s still debated how these impressive monuments were built over 4500 years ago, but no trip to Egypt would be complete without seeing them.

5. Camp under the stars Wadi Rum

Chill out by the desert fire, enjoy authentic Jordanian dinner with your mates under a starry night. Sound good? Then make sure to visit Wadi Rum, and experience Bedouin life in the desert.

6. Hit the beach in Tel Aviv

With over 300 days of sun, and over 10 beaches on theMediterranean coastline, Tel Aviv is the perfect spot to lay in the sun or cool off by the sea. Pure bliss!

7. Float in the Dead Sea

The lowest place on earth, whose banks are more than 400 metres below sea level, the Dead Sea is a must visit. Its hyper-saline water makes floating incredibly easy so soak up the mineral rich waters and enjoy floating in the Dead Sea..

8. Eat delicious hummus

For hummus lovers everywhere, make sure to visit the Middle East to sample the most delicious creamy hummus you will ever try. Remember calories don’t count on holidays!

9. Explore ancient Egyptian temples

Discover ancient temples and get a glimpse into the past. The temples were built for various reasons, from residences for gods to funerary cults for the royals, it’s without a doubt that Egyptians sure knew how to turn temples into masterpieces.

10. Cruise down the Nile

Take it easy as you cruise down the Nile in a traditional wooden sailing boat also known as a felucca! Take a dip in the river (if you dare swim with the crocs), eat and drink with new mates and take in the epic sights Egypt has to offer.

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