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Greek cuisine has a cooking tradition of around 4,000 years and is a major slice of the history and culture of Greece. Its tastes change with the time of year and its topography however, are always considered delicious!

Whether you’re after street food or fine dining, Greek food continuously has a vibrant array of flavours. We think that trying the local cuisine is one of the most important things about travel, and your stomach will be happy for it! Here are 10 must-eats in Greece.

1. Gyro
After a heavy night on the drink whilst stumbling out of a bar in Ios, you look for something to soak up the alcohol … Ding Ding, you see a Gyro shop! A gyro is like a kebab and is a typical Greek sandwich traditionally with pork or chicken wrapped in a pita, served with tomato, onion and tzatziki sauce. Some even have hot chips in them. Delish!

2. Saganaki
Cheese lovers rejoice! This tasty appetiser is simple, yet scrumptious. Saganiki is essentially fried cheese, where hard yellow cheese such as graviera, kefalograviera or kefalotyri is fried in a frying pan until golden brown. Saganaki generally comes with pepper and lemon juice with bread on the side.

3. Dolmadakia
This tasty Mediterranean dish is a treat! A dolmadakia is literally a stuffed wrap. A grape vine leaf is wrapped around and filled with rice, vegetables and/or meat. Traditionally, this food piece is served with as an appetiser with a piece of lemon.

4. Kolokithokeftedes
Kolokithokeftedes or fried courgette fritters/balls will be your new favourite dish! These fritters/balls are full of tasty, salty feta cheese, with just a hint of mint. The perfect kolokithokeftedes need to be fried until they are super crispy, whilst creamy and rich in texture on the inside. Tempted?

5. Loukoumades
Got a sweet tooth? Then loukoumades is your type of dessert! Basically, a Greek donut, this tasty pudd is a pastry made of deep fried dough which is commonly spiced with cinnamon in a honey syrup. Deliciously naughty!

6. Feta Me Meli
Cheese again, please! This traditional appetiser or meze is usually dished out on the island of Crete, as well as throughout Greece. Feta Me Meli is a phyllo-wrapped starter with feta, honey and sesame seeds. It will literally amaze you! Oh, did we mention it goes well with local drinks like ouzo, rakomelo and tsikoudia?

7. Moussaka
It’s pretty much like a lasagne, but with no pasta. This dish will tantalise your taste buds with its array of deliciousness. Eggplant, minced meat, potato, garlic, onion, béchamel sauce, and cheese make this dish just so good. It’s not only filling, but it is legendary!

8. Tomatokeftedes
Tomatokeftedes or fried Santorini tomato balls/fritters are a must-eat if you visit the island of Santorini. Its tart, rich deep flavour is literally to die for. These fritters have coarse edges with pieces of mint, tomato and onion chunks. Perfect for a starter or for a main course vegetarian option. Get in our belly!

9. Greek Salad
So, you think you’ve tried Greek salad, and then you try it in Greece. Mind-blown! There’s something about eating a Greek salad in Greece that makes it taste all the better. Ripe juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumber, red onion, olives and a massive hunk of feta on top. Oh, and they’re never stingy on the feta, there’s always plenty!

10. Taramasalata
This delicious meze is creamy, smooth and mouth-watering! Taramasalata is made from lemon juice, olive oil, fish row, onions and bread, and is usually serve with a ton of bread. It’s an extremely popular Greek dip year-round and something you must-eat when in Greece.

Haven’t been to Greece yet? If this hasn’t made your mouth water, we don’t know what will. These must-eats in Greece can be done on one of Travel Talk’s Greek Island-Hopping tours. You can find out more about these tours here.