20 Activities To Keep The Winter Months Exciting - Ciconia Travel

Winter in Europe can be long and at times, depressing. The lack of warmth, the lack of tan, the lack of vitamin d and the lack of long sunny days can make you feel like you’re on struggle street. What makes it even more difficult is the pictures you see on social media from warm and sunny places, and your friends making the most of summer. But, there are plenty of activities to in the winter months to make the season all the worthwhile to be in. Especially if you’re living in Europe! There’s plenty of places to see and happenings to explore and experience, and then you realise, winter isn’t so bad after all!

Here are 20 activities to keep the winter months exciting.

Gaze in awe at Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow


Spend a night or two in an epic nomad tent in the Sahara


Relax in Iceland’s blue lagoon and paint your face with its silica mud


Experience Cappadocia in a hot air balloon


Indulge in happy hour and the nightlife of Bansko ski resort


Head to Giza, Egypt to experience the Great Pyramids


Chill in Pamukkale where gleaming white terraces are filled with warm, mineral rich waters


Strong gut? Try one of Iceland’s national dishes, fermented shark


Visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the oldest covered market in the world


Voyage through the Sahara on a camel


Reap in the history as you explore the Valley of the Kings and better yet, see it from the sky in a hot air balloon


Explore Reykjavik, a city full of bright coloured houses


Have a shot … or 5 of vodka in Russia


Bustle your way through the memorising and chaotic streets of Marrakech


Delve into the history of Troy and try your luck of hiding in the giant wooden horse


Visit the treasure-filled Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg


Lose your mind as you gaze into the sky to see the Northern Lights in Iceland


Take a chill pill and relax as you sail down the Nile on a Felucca, an Egyptian traditional sail boat


Pay your respects at Gallipoli


Love the snow? Or want to try skiing or snowboarding? Head to Bansko, Bulgaria to experience what a ski resort has to offer

So, you think you can conquer this list by the end of the cold season? Book your next escapade here.