What not to miss in Morocco - Ciconia Travel

A rising star in North Africa, Morocco continues to amaze all travelers. After an Egypt tour, I couldn’t get enough of the heat, and found myself in Morocco after a few weeks’ time. The warm country influenced by many cultures offers a long coastline to the Atlantic ocean, an endless desert to roam and the High Atlas mountains as a marvelous backdrop. To top the geographical location, the mixed cultural heritage chases you wherever you go.

Amazing experiences in Morocco

Picking an itinerary for a Morocco tour is crucial to what you will and what you will not be missing. Make sure you don’t miss any of these, as I did not on my Adventure Morocco Tour by Travel Talk. Stopping at different towns and cities along the way, I had the chance to visit many highlights Morocco has to offer, however the best of the greats of my Morocco tour are here:

Spend a day in the Sahara Desert

Spending a night in the desert is an unparalleled experience. The atmosphere, view, nature, sights and the culture are all breath-taking. For a Morocco trip, the desert is a must; and if you have the chance, make sure you spend the night there. Moreover, you will get the chances to do a Jeep Safari and camel trekking on the desert. You may even witness the famous huge sand dune Erg Chebbi near Merzouga.

Djemaa el Fna, Marrakech

The famous square or bazaar is located in the busy Marrakech with hundreds of small shops and stalls. You can try some local delicacies, watch the snake charmers and Chleuh dancing boys or listen to amazing stories of the story-tellers. The old market is surrounded by numerous landmarks, and an old Kasbah that used to secure the area.

Surfing on the Atlantic Ocean

A major Moroccon city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir has plenty of holiday resorts for its beautiful sunny beaches and strong winds that bring in amazing waves. And with the waves come surfing! Surfing the Atlantic on a Morocco tour is a story to tell.

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca

Simply breath-taking, this is the 7th largest mosque in the world and the largest in Africa. The single minaret it has extends to a height of 210m, making it the tallest in the world! With its position just by the sea, it is an incredible sight. You must make a stop here if you want a complete Morocco tour.

Kasbah Ait Benhaddou

Also known as a ksar, a fortified city, used to be an important stop on old caravan routes. Now it is more popular in other ways as Hollywood keeps the site very busy! Many big productions were shot here, and the kasbah has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for almost 20 years. An incredible culture is awaiting you in Morocco.