Why you should drop everything and sail Turkey - Ciconia Travel

Imagine sailing along Turkey’s crystal clear coastline making stops along the way to hidden coves and quaint villages. Explore Turkey’s rich history and culture, while soaking up the sun and eating Turkish delight and letting the good times roll! Now if that doesn’t sound like a perfect summer, we don’t know what does!

Still not convinced Turkey sailing trip is for you? See why we think you should drop everything, pack your bags and jump on board a sailing Turkey tour now!

Turquoise Waters

Jump off the gullet into crystal clear turquoise waters and float around in the sea. You won’t believe the beautiful shades of blue until you see it for yourself.

Delicious Food

Lokum (Turkish delight), Kebab, Golzeme  (pastry filled with veggies, cheese or meats), Manti (meat ravioli), Borek (pastry), Pide, Baklava… Your mouth should be salivating by now because you will feast like a king in Turkey with the most delicious food and drink.

Rich History

Explore ancient ruins and Turkey’s rich history! See how religions have changed, cultures have overlapped and how this has shaped modern Turkey. See ancient Byzantine ruins at St Nicholas and even visit the big man in red aka Santa Claus’ home town in Demre.

Make New Mates

Friends who sail together, stay together! Explore Turkey, have the time of your life and share this experience with your new best mates.

Hidden Bays and Coves

Explore hidden coves and untouched bays. Relax and unwind without the stress of overcrowding so you can fully take in the serenity.

Epic Nightlife

Party into the wee early hours, with towns like Fethiye are renown for it’s wild nightlife and endless run. Warning: Don’t have too many Rakis you’ll regret it in the morning.

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